Friday, May 17, 2013

Leaving the Tushie Behind

Snacks are a big deal when you have kids. Nico would forgo all meals just to keep snacking... Rice cakes, apple slices, cheese, and lately dried seaweed... All good things so what's the problem, right? Problem is when Mommy forgets to eat entirely because all she's doing all is packing up snacks, doling out snacks, shopping for snacks. It's easy to forget about actually making meals. Hence my baggy-the-butt jeans. While I'd love a flatter tummy it seems my ass has other ideas. A shrinking behind is not what I had in mind... Maybe our we should swap our snacks for treats - donuts, ice cream and cake anyone? 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Foi Gras Baby

My Jesse is a butterball. A suckling pig, a fattened duck if you will. With a soft, pliable belly and thighs you could grab onto if you were in need of a life-raft I safely assume he's going to be a true eater. Willingly opening up his mouth for every bite, cleaning out his every bowl. I would steam entire sweet potatoes planning six meals out of them, only to wind up with three by the time he was done. We'd fly through his first few weeks of single ingredient introductions and hungrily work our way through more complex meals like barley with feta and mint, or polenta with parmesan and cherry tomatoes. I'd food shop twice a week, just to replenish our ever diminishing produce bins. We'd sign up for the CSA again this year, but this time a full share, knowing that no leaf, berry or tuber would go to waste. He would get fatter, and more delicious, and on his first birthday we wouldn't have ice-cream, but full-fat gelato instead. If it sounds like I was plumping him up for a feast you'd be right. Not that I want to eat him per se, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I thought about it. Can you blame me? I defy you to look at that face and tell me you wouldn't want a bite, half expecting him to taste like a warm brioche bun.

And so we began. Butternut squash on week 1. A 'meh' response. Not what I was hoping for, but he gets a pass. It was, after all, the first thing he's consumed other than breast milk. So ok, there's a learning curve.

Week 2: Banana and beets, separately of course. Banana, another 'meh', but beets were a clear Win. Go figure.

Week 3: Sweet potato, a revelation. The chunker actually grabbed the spoon and fed himself. I wish I were kidding. And just when I thought we'd hit our stride he repeatedly, and I mean back-to-back, dry heaved on an avocado. Like the tiniest bit of avocado. Sigh.

Week 4: remains to be seen. Oozy French cheese? Curried lamb? I'm open for suggestions people!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cold Comfort Rain

Cold, rainy, did I say cold? Ugh what a nasty day. But I can't complain... Bryan and I are sans kids today and while he popped in the office to wrap up a few things I decided to hole up in Starbies and watch the soho streets. As I warm myself with a chai tea, I am contemplating the next few days and weeks ahead. Somehow everything seems ok, this cold rain is calming; forcing me to cozy up inside myself and be soothed by simpler things like my chai, warm leggings, and a window seat on Spring and Crosby.
Maybe that's what I need to remember, that the next step for me is rigggght there. Not off to the left, or far over on the right, but right there. The best design solutions are when the answers are obvious- why should this be any different?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What the Peep??

Off with his head!

Random food thoughts for the day:
1) Why, when I made a curried lentil soup on FRIDAY does my kitchen still smell like an Indian restaurant? Which by the way, was delicious!! It sounds strange; red lentils with curry, ghee, tomato paste and raisins, but it worked. You know, it's one of those weird things, my whole life I turned my nose up at the idea of curry. "Um, ew." And I was thinking about this on Friday and I was like Why? Why would I have this notion if I NEVER HAD IT as a kid. And then it occurred to me. Ding! Ding! Ding! My mother. My mother, who is going to make a comment the second she walks into my house tomorrow at the lingering scent of curry (you watch), who I'm pretty sure has never actually HAD curry in her entire life, despises it. More like despises the idea of it. Which makes me really glad that I'm my own person, because curry is delicious. And whoever that old boyfriend was who introduced me to it (you know who you are Mr. I-live-on-a-boat-and-I'm-all-off-the-grid-and-cool) I do thank you.
P.s. here's the above recipe, courtesy of the talented and always reliable Heidi Swanson
Coconut red lentil soup

2) Now you may or may not know this about me, but I never had much of a sweet tooth. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my share of confections for sure, but I could easily go out to dinner and not order dessert, or need that sweet bite on the couch before bed. However, something changed in my chemistry since I've been pregnant. Especially since my second pregnancy, which basically raised my sugar addiction to a pre-diabetic level. I am a total sugar-holic. I crave it and I appease the craving with abandon. Last night alone I had four, FOUR cream puffs, even after offering one to Bryan who declined and made my inner fatty really happy. I eat danishes now in lieu of breakfast, pack away a row of Oreos and horde chocolate bars like they're the last food on earth. Which brings me to the question of the century. How did I manage to birth and raise a child who ate only the head off a Peep before deeming he was "All done!"  And when he was presented with his Easter basket on Sunday he forgoed a bag of M&M's for... wait for it.... a HARD BOILED EGG.

and 3) Something is stinking up my fridge with a vinegary like smell. There is literally nothing in there that has gone off, I've combed it inside and out. And yet, there it is.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone.

Friday, March 29, 2013


It certainly seems like every time I 'come back' something new and major has been happening in my life to prevent me from blogging more frequently. Well, that's certainly happened but then the opposite has happened as well. Something new and major has happened that's getting me to START blogging again.
First order of business, there's Jesse. The newest, fattest most delicious little person to enter our lives. You know how Santa Clause is always rendered with that twinkle in his eye? Well, this kid has that in spades. So here we are now, a family of four and a dog, still living in Brooklyn, happy in the chaos. And chaos it is.  Let's talk about cooking for a second, shall we? I know this is a blog about food, but it's just as much a blog about life isn't it? And just because I don't have time to cook these days, or eat out for that matter, doesn't mean that eating isn't happening, and that life isn't happening. So the content of this blog may shift and change for a bit, but that's ok because change is good. Which brings me to the second order of business.
I have been laid off. I. have. never. been. laid. off. And while I consider myself one of the lucky ones faring as well as I did during the recession it still stings a little. But the good news is I wanted to leave anyway. And it's certainly easier to go when that decision is made for you and well, there's an unemployment check waiting for you on the other side. So no longer will I sit in my car on the way to work thinking about all the things I want to blog about and never get to do. Now I can actually get back to writing. So I'll consider this lull a bit of a do-over for me, a control-Z if you will. A chance to catch my breath and reassess, thinking about all the things that bring me joy and how I can get back to them now that I don't have the distraction from work. Granted, I don't have that paycheck either, so I will have to get real real soon, but for now I can plan and dream, and bring you guys along with me.
Hope you're up for it!