Monday, August 17, 2009

Bryan's Chop Shop: A Fall From Grace

Wow. Dinner was spectacular tonight. Fresh swordfish steaks marinated in Chinese Five Spice sauce, mashed dill potatoes with lemon, and kohlrabi with ginger and soy. I know what you're thinking, Bryan's outdone himself this time. Well, he certainly has. He most certainly has.
I'm actually at a loss for words.

Suffice it to say that we will NEVER EAT SWORDFISH AGAIN! It's disgusting. It's beyond disgusting. It's simultaneously rubbery, slimy, AND fatty. And fishy! And this is coming from someone who loves sea urchin! And there's no way this was simply a bad piece of fish, it was simply, yucky.

The potatoes were oddly, lemony. Why the lemon Bryan? And the kohlrabi had enough ginger to kill a farm animal. I mean, this is really surprising. A meal prepared by someone who not only never falters, but consistently amazes me with his cooking prowess. Tonight was indeed a spectacular fall from grace.

Whats that I hear? Is that the water running? I believe Bryan is in the shower right now, washing off that dirty dirty meal.


  1. I'm not sure I would think to pair asian flavors with a strong oily fish such as swordfish. It's like pitting Godzilla in a cage match with Jaws. Who wins that one? No one, least of all you, Bryan or the lingering aroma in your apartment. I think if you ever decide to venture into swordfish territory again, I would just try a squeeze of lemon. The acidity would cut the strong flavor a bit. Though in Bryan's defense, I respect his bad ass approach to cooking. Go big or go home.

  2. I did have a single piece of delicious swordfish while in Sicily, of which I will blog about later. It was grilled with a squeeze of lemon, just like you suggest. Amazing. But then again, I'm pretty sure the bottom of my shoe would be incredible if prepared by a Sicilian, in Sicily.