Sunday, August 16, 2009

Upper East Sunday

Gorgeous gorgeous weather this weekend. I woke up at 10:00 am this morning after a terrible dream that I was forced to go to work - and um, apparently I worked at a crowded department store. It was awful. When I finally woke up I was thrilled to realize that I was home with my honey, and we had no obligations except to make breakfast and relax.

After a meal of grapefruit, scrambled eggs with asparagus and asiago, and a side of potatoes we packed a sack and headed to Central Park. We lounged, read magazines, listened to the jazz trio that was playing to a crowd not that far away, and when we finally got hungry I decided to take Bryan to my favorite sushi joint in my old 'hood - the Upper East Side.

sushi is on 76th and 3rd, and while it's not the best sushi place in the city (the competition is stiff!) the food is excellent and has a special place in my heart being that it was my local spot for 9 years. Dinner was tasty and really fresh, but sadly not that cheap. Oh well, we saved by taking the subway allll the waaaay back to brooklyn.

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