Friday, March 29, 2013


It certainly seems like every time I 'come back' something new and major has been happening in my life to prevent me from blogging more frequently. Well, that's certainly happened but then the opposite has happened as well. Something new and major has happened that's getting me to START blogging again.
First order of business, there's Jesse. The newest, fattest most delicious little person to enter our lives. You know how Santa Clause is always rendered with that twinkle in his eye? Well, this kid has that in spades. So here we are now, a family of four and a dog, still living in Brooklyn, happy in the chaos. And chaos it is.  Let's talk about cooking for a second, shall we? I know this is a blog about food, but it's just as much a blog about life isn't it? And just because I don't have time to cook these days, or eat out for that matter, doesn't mean that eating isn't happening, and that life isn't happening. So the content of this blog may shift and change for a bit, but that's ok because change is good. Which brings me to the second order of business.
I have been laid off. I. have. never. been. laid. off. And while I consider myself one of the lucky ones faring as well as I did during the recession it still stings a little. But the good news is I wanted to leave anyway. And it's certainly easier to go when that decision is made for you and well, there's an unemployment check waiting for you on the other side. So no longer will I sit in my car on the way to work thinking about all the things I want to blog about and never get to do. Now I can actually get back to writing. So I'll consider this lull a bit of a do-over for me, a control-Z if you will. A chance to catch my breath and reassess, thinking about all the things that bring me joy and how I can get back to them now that I don't have the distraction from work. Granted, I don't have that paycheck either, so I will have to get real real soon, but for now I can plan and dream, and bring you guys along with me.
Hope you're up for it!


  1. You're baaack! So glad.
    I'm sitting drinking your Vietnamese tea in the beautiful Vietnamese cup you bought me, listening to my Sicilian language tape and smiling because I LOVE what you wrote!

  2. You go, Nicole. And we're here for you. Thelma