Friday, April 12, 2013

Cold Comfort Rain

Cold, rainy, did I say cold? Ugh what a nasty day. But I can't complain... Bryan and I are sans kids today and while he popped in the office to wrap up a few things I decided to hole up in Starbies and watch the soho streets. As I warm myself with a chai tea, I am contemplating the next few days and weeks ahead. Somehow everything seems ok, this cold rain is calming; forcing me to cozy up inside myself and be soothed by simpler things like my chai, warm leggings, and a window seat on Spring and Crosby.
Maybe that's what I need to remember, that the next step for me is rigggght there. Not off to the left, or far over on the right, but right there. The best design solutions are when the answers are obvious- why should this be any different?

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